Senior CommUnity Care of Delta County, CO PACE

11485 Highway 65, Eckert, CO 81418

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11485 Highway 65, Eckert, CO 81418

Senior CommUnity Care of Montrose, CO PACE

The Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) model is centered on the belief that the well-being of seniors with chronic care needs and their families are better served in the community. Together, we are helping seniors to remain living in their home whenever possible.

The PACE Health Care

The PACE Health Center is an important part of Senior CommUnity Care in Delta County, CO PACE. Here, seniors receive health care, nutritious meals and participate in activities with others so they can remain active, socialize and make new friends. The Center offers a location where doctors, nurses and other health care professionals can deliver treatment and monitor a participant’s health.

Participants will receive all health care services from Senior CommUnity Care of Delta County, Colorado PACE.  Non-emergency care must be authorized by the care team and delivered by Senior CommUnity Care in-network providers.


Seniors are eligible for this program if they:

  • Are 55 or older
  • Live in the service area
  • Meet State of Colorado criteria for nursing home level of care
  • Can live safely at home with our services

Who Pays for this Program?

Senior CommUnity Care services are paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, or private payment.  If you are eligible for Medicaid and depending on your income, PACE services may be offered free of charge. If your income is over the income limits of Medicaid, you may still be eligible to participate by paying a premium or a Patient Monthly Liability. Once a participant is enrolled, our experts handle the pipework and claims.  Participants must follow the care plan designed by our care team. Participants may be personally liable for the costs of unauthorized or out-of-network services, except for emergency service.

For more details, go to Senior CommUnity Care of Colorado website.

Join Our Team

We’re proud of our team members. If you care deeply about older adults and seek new career opportunities, we’d love for you to explore a role within our community.

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