Asset and Property Management

Asset Management

The Asset Management team is primarily responsible for monitoring the overall financial performance and physical condition of the VOANS real estate portfolio. Our focus is on maximizing property value and investment returns as well as manage the disposition of assets. We look to reduce expenditures when possible, increase revenue sources and mitigate liability and risk. The majority of the properties we own are workforce housing or affordable housing targeted toward seniors, families, people with disabilities and veterans. We work closely with the property managers who handle the day to day activities related to the property’s operations and physical structure. The Asset Management team also reviews any request that may impact the physical or financial performance of a property, such as the installation of solar panels, hiring a third party management company, or approving a commercial lease. Additionally, to the extent a property generates excess cashflow, we direct the distribution to the appropriate investors. We regularly communicate with investors, internal stakeholders and lenders.

In addition to the functions listed above, we work closely with our Compliance Department to ensure that properties governed by regulatory agreements adhere to the guidelines outlined in the agreement. Whether it’s providing wi-fi or a service coordinator, we also partner with Residential Services where appropriate to advocate for our tenants’ needs. We work with our in house property management team, NHC, and our VoA affiliates to provide training and education to the property managers. Finally, we periodically review our portfolio for “green” investment opportunities. This means identifying properties that can benefit from investing capital to improve their energy efficiency, gas, water, electricity, etc. This improves the overall performance of the property and increases its value while having a positive impact on the environment.

We do all of this with an AMAZING HARD WORKING team of seven asset managers:

  • Ron Cantrell
  • Winsome Craig
  • Earlene Ford
  • Chris Garland
  • Mary Hillsman
  • Nathan Thorvilson
  • Ron Wallace

Property Management

Volunteers of America National Housing Services is dedicated to providing quality, affordable housing with an emphasis on resident satisfaction. Our Property Management professionals operate daily with a spirit of empathy. Whether completing service requests in residents’ homes, planning a resident function, or aiding an applicant with their move in process, our focus is on providing superior service. Our housing professionals have a wealth of affordable housing experience, program knowledge, formal education and certifications in their specialized fields. We work with local PHAs, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Rural Housing, investors, health care providers, local advocacy agencies, community outreach organizations, and state agencies to provide and maintain clean, comfortable, and well cared for housing for our residents.

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