From the beginning, VOANS has understood the power of housing as a foundation for a stable life.

VOANS serves a wide variety of clients facing challenges due to income, age, physical or mental disability, with a special focus on seniors. The dramatic projected increase in the number of older adults in the United States who are living longer with fewer resources, coupled with the emergence of managed healthcare, has created a demand for providers that can efficiently and skillfully integrate affordable housing, healthcare and other supportive services.

VOANS is one of the few organizations with a proven track record in both serviced enriched affordable housing and senior care

VOA Vision of Future 2023

Real Estate Development Services

  • Our model combines the strengths of development expertise within our national headquarters and our network of locally chartered community-oriented affiliates.
  • VOANS’ expansive portfolio has utilized and leveraged a vast array of federal, state, and local programs to augment the typical tax credit equity and conventional financing.
  • VOANS’ portfolio owns and operates housing located in 40 states and Puerto Rico.
  • VOANS’ housing portfolio includes 240 properties containing approximately 12,900 affordable housing units.
  • Our development model brings many building types ranging from low-density townhouse styles to high-rise properties.

Asset Management 

  • Our focus is on maximizing property value and investment returns as well as managing the disposition of assets.
  • The Asset Management team also reviews any request that may impact the physical or financial performance of a property
  • We direct the distribution to the appropriate investors. We regularly communicate with investors, internal stakeholders, and lenders.
  • We work closely with our Compliance Department to ensure that properties governed by regulatory agreements adhere to guidelines.
  • We work with our in-house property management team, NHC, and our VOA affiliates to provide training and education to the property managers.
  • We periodically review our portfolio for “green” investment opportunities.
  • This improves the overall performance of the property and increases its value while having a positive impact on the environment.
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12,900 Housing Units

With nearly 13,000 units of housing across its communities, VOANS residential offerings include affordable housing and skilled nursing beds as well as assisted, independent, memory, home, and community-based programs.

Property Management

Volunteers of America National Housing Services is dedicated to providing quality, affordable housing with an emphasis on resident satisfaction. Our Property Management professionals operate daily with a spirit of empathy. Whether completing service requests in residents’ homes, planning a resident function, or aiding an applicant with their move in process, our focus is on providing superior service. Our housing professionals have a wealth of affordable housing experience, program knowledge, formal education and certifications in their specialized fields. We work with local PHAs, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Rural Housing, investors, health care providers, local advocacy agencies, community outreach organizations, and state agencies to provide and maintain clean, comfortable, and well cared for housing for our residents.

Our Property Managers:

  • Ron Cantrell
  • Winsome Craig
  • Earlene Ford
  • Chris Garland
  • Mary Hillsman
  • Nathan Thorvilson
  • Ron Wallace

Resident Services

Service Coordination Program

Volunteers of America National Services (VOANS) specializes in enhancing the quality of life of seniors living in affordable housing. One of our foremost housing objectives is to enable our seniors to “age in place” by providing services that will assist them with remaining in their homes as long as possible.

  • VOANS serves more than 9,000 senior residents in our service coordinator programs.
  • Nationally, we employ 140 service coordinators at our properties.
  • Our rigorous data collection and evaluation procedures indicate that 98 percent of the residents at our properties consult with their service coordinators regularly.

Our service coordinators help to connect residents with a wide variety of services, including “benefits check-ups,” health services, meal programs, social activities, exercise, educational opportunities, and transportation services.

Through the service coordination program, VOANS has taken a preventive approach by identifying and engaging frail residents in services before their problems turn into crises. The service coordinator program promotes activities that enhance a resident’s quality of life and build healthy communities through the active participation and cooperation of on-site management, local agencies, and residents.

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32,000+ Served Yearly

Residents are the heart of the VOANS mission, and each year, VOANS has the privilege of serving thousands of individuals and families through housing, health, workforce, and other programs.

Health Care Services 

We are a major provider of professional long-term nursing care for older adults and others coping with illness or injury. We offer a continuum of services in our senior living and care communities that extends to people with disabilities, and includes long-term health support: nursing care, assisted living, memory support, home health care, rehabilitation and much more.

Senior Living Communities

Senior services and care as distinct as the individuals we serve.

For us, independent living and senior care are more than nursing assistance or apartment home choices. Active adult care is a philosophy that guides every interaction as we support the whole health of the person – physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. We love being part of the amazing lives of those we served. Whether you need assistance at home or want to join a vibrant senior living community, we have the skills, expertise, and dedication it takes to help everyone live the life that makes them happiest.

PACE Program

The Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) model is centered on the belief that the well-being of seniors with chronic care needs and their families are better served in the community. Together, we are helping seniors to remain living in their home whenever possible.

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7,500+ Provided Care

Each year, VOANS provides healthcare services to thousands through a number of programs ranging from skilled nursing to meal provision, both in VOANS facilities and at home.

Meet our Housing Development Leadership

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Kimberly Black King

Interim Chief Operating Officer, National Services and Chief of Real Estate Development

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Rodrigo Galavis

Regional Vice President of Real Estate Development

Read More about Rodrigo Galavis

Doug Snyder

Vice President, Regional Real Estate Development

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Robin Keller

Vice President of Workforce Housing

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John Clevenger

Senior Development Director

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Deborah J. Welchel

Senior Development Director

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Lee Goldstein

Director, National Housing Initiatives

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Roberto Ramirez-Morales

Development Director, Puerto Rico

Read More about Roberto Ramirez-Morales

Brian Reilly

Development Director

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Noemi B. Riveria

Development Director, Affordable Housing

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Ken Miller

Senior Construction Director

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Sheila Scheitrum

Development Director

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Bryan Wyatt

Senior Development Director

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