Testimonials at Comprehensive Home Care at North Park Plaza

Program Director, Felicia Reese

Program Director, Felicia Reese

8201 4th Ave. N., New Hope, MN 55428


Meet Noreen & Pumpkin

“Friendship comes in all shapes, sizes and where and when we least expect it. Noreen, a decade long resident of North Park Plaza in suburban Minneapolis and her Home Health Aide, Latoshata, affectioning known to most as Pumpkin, have forged a bond you typically witness in a good movie. They met because Noreen receives services through our comprehensive home care which can include medication management, complex medical care, and non-medical tasks such as bathing assistance, and transferring from one location to another. Noreen is a 94 year and former educator. She continues to live in her home with the support and love from people like Pumpkin.”

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