Testimonials at Comprehensive Home Care at Parker Skyview

Felicia Reese, Program Director

Felicia Reese, Program Director

1801 Central Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418


Meet Rohan:

“A resident of Parker Skyview in Minneapolis, MN, Rohan Campbell exemplifies how residents and the VOANS team work together to make a home, even with the most challenging of circumstances. Parker Skyview offers affordable, subsidized home healthcare for low income older adults 50 years and older. Rohan came to VOANS with significant medical issues including Diabetes, Polymystostis and Interstitial Lung Disease. With individualized care and compassion, the team at Parker Skyview helped Rohan get back to playing the guitar and enjoying his life again. Rohan highlights how simple questions such as “is there anything you need?” to more complex task management of his medications and medical appointments demonstrate VOANS commitment to residents and their healing and wellness. Daily check-ins by the VOANS team allow for needed adjustments. Rohan says he “marvels at the attentiveness to my physical healing.” Rohan describes how blessed he is and how he appreciates the team “they offer compassion, transparency, efficiency and the highest possible care in pursuit of my happiness and peace of mind. Thank you.”

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